Crowns and Bridges

Tooth Caps in our Arnold Dental Office

A crown is a cap or shell that covers a tooth to help protect and strengthen it. Teeth can lose their strength from decay or chipping. Fillings are great when the decay or fracture is small, but fillings do not increase the strength of the tooth. When a defect in the tooth is large, then a crown is preferred because it lasts much longer than a filling.

Dental Crown Process

Our crowns are completed over two appointments to ensure the best quality and longest lasting restoration. During the first appointment, the tooth is cleaned of any old and defective fillings or decay. An impression, a copy of the tooth, is taken to give the lab the shape and size of your tooth, and you leave the first appointment with a temporary plastic version of the final crown. You return two weeks later for a quick appointment to replace the temporary crown with the final porcelain crown.

Locally Made Porcelain Crowns

At Bay Hills Family Dentistry, all of our crowns are made with porcelain and without any metal. Crowns need to be custom designed and made specifically for each patient and each tooth. Our crowns are made locally in Maryland by a family owned dental lab that was hand selected by Dr. Gens because of their commitment to excellent quality and superior outcomes for our patients.

Tooth Bridges

Bridges are very similar to crowns. Crowns are a cap or shell that covers a single tooth, while bridges are three or more crowns connected together that also replace a missing tooth. Bridges are an excellent way to replace a missing tooth, especially when dental implants are not an option.

Questions about crowns or bridges? Contact our office to speak with Dr. Gens about your questions or concerns.

Read what our patients have to say about their experience with bridges and crowns.

"Last year Dr. Gens installed a bridge to replace a molar that I lost decades ago. I cannot imagine how the experience of getting the bridge and the final result could have turned out better. While there was some initial mild soreness, I now feel that I have as much chewing power on the bridge as I would have with natural teeth." - Steve
"If you are looking for a good dentist, one who is friendly, gentle, skilled and professional, Dr. Ryan Gens is just that, all in one complete package. I just had a crown replaced and I was very satisfied with the results. The entire staff is friendly and know what they are doing and you feel good about the whole experience. Very conveniently located too!" - Christine
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