Tooth fillings are routine procedures used to treat cavities. Filling a cavity is pain-free. When a cavity is not filled, it could lead to more serious dental health problems such as pain, abscesses, or teeth that cannot be saved.

The area surrounding your filling will be numbed to provide maximum comfort. Then, the decay is removed from the tooth and the filling material is placed in the correct spot to ensure the tooth is not vulnerable to further decay. With modern technology, filling materials are high quality and match the natural color of your teeth.

The dentist will recommend fillings as appropriate when cavities are identified during your checkups. For more information about fillings or to schedule your next checkup, call Bay Hills Family Dentistry.

Read what our patients have to say about fillings in our Arnold office.

"Bay Hills Family Dentistry is an excellent practice. Dr. Gens and his staff are friendly, helpful, and go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible at the dentist’s office. I needed fillings on my two front teeth and Dr. Gens helped me choose a color that matched my teeth exactly, and then did a swift & wonderful job putting them in. He explained how it would work, walked me through each step of the way, and answered all of my questions. The whole thing took no longer than 30 minutes and he did a beautiful job - you can’t even tell I’ve had dental work!" - Larisa
"The staff here is so friendly and informative. I am so glad that I have switched over to this dentist office. Must say that was even the most pleasant experience getting fillings in my teeth. It was a quick and painless experience." - Philip
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