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"If you are looking for a good dentist, one who is friendly, gentle, skilled and professional, Dr. Ryan Gens is just that, all in one complete package. I just had a crown replaced and I was very satisfied with the results. The entire staff is friendly and know what they are doing and you feel good about the whole experience. Very conveniently located too!" - Christine
"I had the best experience at Bay Hills Family Dentistry! Dr Bao was so thorough and very charismatic. Dr. Gens made me laugh, and put my mind at ease when I needed work. The whole staff is incredibly kind and caring. The hygienist was so sweet and personable. I even got some good brushing and flossing technique tips. And OMG the renovations are incredible! " - Jennifer
"I chose Bay Hills Family Dentistry because they had great reviews and they were close to home and I could not have made a better choice. The staff was extremely courteous and accommodating, putting me instantly at ease, and Dr. Gens did fantastic work making sure I was comfortable the whole time. Their office also boasts all the latest tech which helped inspire confidence. Highly recommended!" - Drew
"Dr. Bao was very personable, friendly, and delivered information about my dental care very clearly. I will, surely, be going back to Bay Hills Family Dentistry for a long time to come." - Daniel
"Dr. Gens and his staff are friendly, helpful, and go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible at the dentist’s office. I needed fillings on my two front teeth and Dr. Gens helped me choose a color that matched my teeth exactly, and then did a swift & wonderful job putting them in. He explained how it would work, walked me through each step of the way, and answered all of my questions. The whole thing took no longer than 30 minutes and he did a beautiful job - you can’t even tell I’ve had dental work! I highly recommend this practice, so if you’re thinking of maybe switching dentists or are new to the area, you should absolutely make an appointment here!" - Larisa
"I absolutely love the friendly staff at Bay Hills Family Dentistry. They get the job done in a timely manner and their services have done so much for me and my family! Dr. Gens is an amazing dentist; he is thorough with his work and makes sure he takes the time to get to know his patients as well. He even takes the time to call his patients and check on how they are doing the day after an appointment. " - Kathy
"Love, love, love Bay Hills Family Dentistry! We have been looking for a local community based dentist and so glad we found them! The first moment stepping into their office I felt welcomed and at ease. Dr. Gens instantly made me feel at home!" - Allison
"Bay Hills Family Dentistry is absolutely amazing. They were so welcoming and went above and beyond to explain the work they were doing. Everything from booking appointments to the quality of work given is stellar. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to their services." - William
"I couldn't be more impressed with the services provided by Bay Hills Family Dentistry. Dr. Gens and his staff genuinely care, not only about the health of their patients, but their everyday lives as well. From the amazing attitude of the front desk receptionist, all the way to Dr. Gens and his tech/assistants, the service is truly unparalleled. On another note, the team vibe is incredibly positive and the relationships between the team members is very refreshing!" - Zachary


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