Dental Sedation

Oral Sedation in Our Arnold Dental Office

Blooming FlowerWe understand that some people are uneasy or afraid of the dentist, but it does not need to prevent them from getting the care that they deserve.  We believe in providing quality care with the highest level of comfort.  Sedation dentistry is a great option for patients who are anxious about receiving dental care.  At Bay Hills Family Dentistry, we practice oral conscious sedation.  

Benefits of Conscious Sedation

Nearly all dental sedation is “conscious sedation,” meaning that patients are not fully asleep.  This is much safer than full deep sedation that we think of in the medical surgical setting because you do not need to be intubated and you can even walk out at the end of the procedure.  Most importantly, patients with conscious sedation have a pleasant experience and do not remember the appointment.  

Oral Sedation Procedure

The appointment begins with reviewing the planned procedures for the appointment, taking a small amount of medication by mouth (because less needles is better), and relaxing with noise-canceling headphones and a blanket.  The appointments go very smoothly, and patients leave our office with the quality care that they deserve without the anxiety.  

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What Our Patient Says

"I was very pleased with my experience at Bay Hills Family Dentistry. I am a relatively new patient to this practice. Considering the many procedures that I needed to have completed, I began my latest appointment with some overall apprehension. Thankfully, the procedures were completed with much care and attention given to my comfort, even offering me a blanket. At one point, I may have actually fallen asleep during the procedure!" - Dawn
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